Our area of expertise. Whether it be just one song or a whole album, we can work in any style to create the sound and feel that you want. We have connections to top session players and can deliver a professional «live» sound, as well as excellent programming skills and state of the art virtual instruments for a more «produced» feel.

All you have to do is send us your track in whatever form you have it, whether it is a rough recording, a chord sheet, reference songs or nothing at all. We will then contact you to discuss your ideas in detail to determine what sound and playing style you are looking for, to make sure your songs get the right feel and the production suits the individual track. We can offer many possibilities in terms of the instruments that can be used, live or virtual, in order to get the best sound for your production.

Radio/TV/Internet Jingles

If you need a piece of music to advertise a product, background music for a company website or a radio jingle, we can create the necessary track to fit your specifications. We accept commissioned works and produce your unique sound — adapted to your corporate identity (CI). Together with you, we create innovative ideas and implement them with the right music, sounds and effects to bring your product/business alive.


We can accommodate the recording of any lead instrument or vocals at White Mountain Studio with our specifically designed recording booth and control room. You can come in and record just the vocals or a guitar part or even the whole song, which we can then mix and master to give you a completed product. We offer very competitive prices and are more than happy to give you an individual quote on request, see the price page for more information. 

Online Music Production

Do you have a song written but no musicians available to record or do you have everything recorded but still need a guitar solo? We can provide you with the missing parts to your music. We hire the session musicians, record them in our studio and send the recording to you so that you can complete your song. Another option is that we program the missing part and send the file to you, a cheaper, faster and effective method that is widely used in the music industry today.

We have a huge sound library and can program anything from single instruments to a string orchestra, a horn section or synthesizer parts. 

The process is simple:

  • Contact us with your requirements and we will contact you within 24 hours to finalise the details
  • We record the parts
  • We send you the track for approval (two amendments are included free of charge)
  • You send the payment
  • We send you the finalised track. 

More details can be found on the Price page.

Guitar Tracking

We specialise in all things guitar. Working remotely with an online session guitarist is simple and effective. Whether you want some existing parts re-recorded or need us to compose them for you, once you have told us a bit about what you want/need we can record the guitar parts quickly and professionally. No matter what style, whether acoustic or electric guitar, just one song or more, with our vintage and professional equipment and our selection of guitars, we can provide the perfect sound and mood for each track.

Computer Game and Film Composition

Do you need a specific piece of music for an audiovisual production? White Mountain Studio is equipped for music to picture synchronisation and we can deliver custom made music in a wide variety of styles for films, documentaries and video game projects. To discuss your requirements please contact us directly.

Backing Track Production

If you are a solo performer or a band needing some backing tracks for live gigs, we can provide you with personalised high quality tracks tailored to suit the vocalist's range. We can also re-record your current backing tracks to give them a new lease of life and through mixing and mastering give them a more dynamic feel. Not only that, we can create custom medleys, compose tailored live intros as well as changing the style of the original track, for example re-recording/reproducing AC/DC’s "Thunderstruck” into a pop version. Anything is possible.

Demo Recordings

Entertainers, bands and singers can record their demos here at White Mountain Studio and achieve a professional high end product.  From recording to mixing and mastering, arranging and producing, the white mountain studio team can help guide you through the whole recording process at a very affordable rate.


In order to ensure the best possible sound for your music, we send the final mixes to a dedicated mastering facility where your tracks are optimised for maximum volume, clarity and definition.

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